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When myEZmow.com was first thought of, the question that sparked the flame was, how can we make it easier for our customers to order and receive the lawn services they need, while utilizing the technology that everyone uses these day?

A light bulb went off. Little by little, our dream has become a reality and we could not be more excited to introduce it to you! Our new way to do yard work breaks the boundaries of how lawn care services are done. Now, with just a few flicks of your finger, you can take care of your property! It’s truly amazing. Our hope is that we can trim some of your worries away so that you can sit back and enjoy a job well done!

"We aim to treat every yard like it's our own"
Jeff Jewell, Founder of myEZmow
Certified Company
ISO 9001:2015
15 Years Experience
Our Mission
Our Vision
Our Goals
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Reason For Choose Us

Always Get Professional Results With
Easy Online Ordering Method
Order a single mow, build a lawn care plan or request a design quote online!
Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Your satisfaction is our top priority. We provide the service you deserve.
Locally Owned & Operated
Proudly Serving the Winston Salem Area Since 2010.
Honest Trained Experts
Our professionals will always show up in company uniforms ready to work.
Professional Staff
Trained and polite staff inside and out of the office.
Licensed & Insured Professionals
We’re experienced and protected. No worries, we’ve got you covered.
We have simplified the way you take care of yard work by breaking it into three main categories and letting you pick and pay for the one you want, when you want it.
Compare Our Offers and Find the Services You Want At Prices You Can Afford.

Do you need tree care for your home?

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